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top ranked insurance companies

top ranked insurance companies

there is so many options out there when itcomes to buying car insurance how do you make a decision? my name is james, i'm an insuranceagent right here in st. petersburg, florida. i work for the resurgence group. we've gotmany different carriers, and what we try to do is we try to fit the client and the client'sbudget more importantly with the type of carrier that they are looking for. you've got theselow, low cost carriers and then you got the premier top of the line carriers and the differenceis going to be in the quality of service and the customer service that you get not onlyfrom your agent but also from that carrier when you call them up and you have an incidentor an accident or you are trying to change your limits whatever it may be. but the bottomline, is that all insurance companies have

to have minimum requirements in order to bea insurance carrier so you're guaranteed at least the minimum when it comes to the qualitybut the bottom line is going to be service. and a lot of times your agent is going tomake that difference because you can walk into their office, you can talk to them andif you've got concerns or you got questions when it comes to different types of carriersout there, they should have at least more then one company that they represent thatyou can decide from. many times we'll just find out what that client is looking for froma premium stand point and we can kind of fit their budget into the types of limits thatthey can afford. so again i'm james with the resurgence group and i hope that was helpfulwhen it comes to buying car insurance and

remember there's different types of carriersas well as different types of limits so it's really going to be pretty much down to thebottom line how much money do you want to spend for how much insurance.

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