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top insurance firms

top insurance firms

paul d'oliveira attorney from the law firmof d'oliveira & associates. the truth about insurance companies, contrary to the televisionads that we see on tv were the insurance companies portray themselves as always being there readyfor you when you need them. my experience is quite different than that. and why is that?well insurance companies are corporations, there owned by stock holders and if you'rea stock holder of a company you want to see the price of the stock go you that's why youbought it. well if insurance companies just handed out a lot of money to everybody whowas injured then they would make less profit, it's just that simple. in fact claims adjustersand a lot of companies are bonused by giving out less than average settlements to claimants,especially people who try to handle the case

on their own. we see a lot of times a sweettalking claims adjuster will call someone up within a few days after there in an accidentand say to them "oh were going to take care of you", "where going to give you a nice quicksettlement" and many times not all the time, but many times the person ends up with a lotless, then what they should have gotten. had they done it properly and hired an attorney.now in some instances, in a small case were someone isn't injured very seriously and aperiod of time has gone by and their doctor has cleared them and said they are fully recovered,we don't have a problem with people representing themselves, maybe a good thingto do, but in many instances where a person is seriously injured to try to deal with theinsurance company on your own a very bad mistake because these

insurance company adjusters are very well trained and experienced in handling cases.and there goal is, is to give you the least amount of money that they can because it makestheir companies stock worth more money, if they have more profits it's just that simpleas i stated earlier. so feel free to call us toll free or online if you have a questionabout an insurance company and we would be happy to discuss it with you. we charge nofee until you obtain a settlement or recovery. thank you.

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