the best life insurance

the best life insurance

[music intro] there are just so manydifferent types of insurance. how could i possibly knowwhat's the best type? yeah, you're right. there are a lots of differenttypes of insurance. really it depends on what's right for you. to start with, though,is life insurance. that's about paying a lump sumout if you were to die. the good thing there is that it includes

a terminal illness benefitso if you're expected to pass away within 12 months,the benefit is paid up front. ok, what if i want to cover, say, if i got injured and i just couldn't work? oh, that would be ezicoveraccident income. that's about paying youthe benefit for up to $4,000 a month if you can't perform youroccupation because of injury. you can get that benefitfor up to 12 months. the good thing there is thatthe premium is usually tax deductible.

actually, i think i read somewhere, too,that you have an accidental death policy. is that right? oh, yeah. that would be ezicover accidental death. that's a simple low cost policythat pays out up to $500,000 if you dieas a result of an accident. and the good thingit's really easy to apply for. there are no health questions. and that's good. it's great on the budget, too,because the cost doesn't

go up as you get older. ok, it just seemslike there's so many. are there any others? well, there is one morethat's really popular. that's ezicover funeral advantage.that's a lump sum benefit of $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000to pay for a funeral or other unexpected the great thing with that cover is you'll never pay more in premium than the benefit you've selected.

and you're not leavinga financial burden behind. well, there's justso many to choose from. there are, but when it comesto planning your insurance, the bottom line is there'sno better time than now. [music outro] captioning services provided by