rooted phone apps

rooted phone apps

hello! guys, i am ajay and you are watching being lazy youtube channel guys, when we talk about google's latest os android marshmallow then there is always a question arises is that how we can move or install apps on sd card so, guys today i gonna tell you that how we can move apps or install apps on sd card so, watch this video from begining till end for easy and better under standing let's start first go to your phone's setting

then go to your storage option after entering in storage option , yo will see a sd card written over there click on that you will find detail about your sd card in that now, look at the upper right side corner for 3 dots (...) click on that then click on settings you will see three more options, friends after that you chosse option, format as internal

click on erase and format this will give you the option to install or move your apps to sd card so format as internal actually means it gives you the control over apps to install in sd card and from the next time when ever you install any app, it will be automatically install in your sd card now lets see what happens next as you can see guys, now its completely formated and asking to move your suffs so

you click on move later and click back and click next look, your sd card is formatted as internal completely so guys format as internal gives you the option that your all apps can be moved to the sd card because from the next time when you install any app it will automatically get installe in your sd card so guys this is the short video to tell you that how you can move your apps or install them in sd card in android marshmallow 6.x.x so guys if you liked this video or it helps you in any way

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