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root without pc lollipop

root without pc lollipop

currently sony has released hmm lollipop 5.0.2for its xperia z series the previous ones, and xperia z1 compact is one of these butif you don't want to just install a custom rom and only want to use stock rom, stocklollipop rom but want root access on it, then this video is for you. let me show you firstthat i am running lollipop, stock lollipop rom i want to show you that i have got rootaccess on it, so i go to the root checker and verify root. my device is rooted, so let'sget started. first what you need to do is download these two files. after that openup the flashtool. after then what you need to do is switch off your phone, then connectit in fastboot mode. press up the volume key, and then connect your usb cable, and thisblue sign indicates that your phone is connected

in fastboot mode. when your device is connectedin fastboot mode, click on this button and go to the fastboot mode. and after that, clickon this "select kernel to flash" and go to desktop(where you have saved the boot.img).firstly it will not show up because it only shows up the files with extension .sin, butour file extension is .img, so select this and then it will show up. here it is. nowwhat you need to do is right click on it and select it. after selecting, in few secondsthis kernel is flashed. !!!!one thing i forgot to mention is that, the second file you havedownloaded, the superuser beta version, first before flashing this kernel, you need to putthat file onto your sd card. power up the phone and keep pressing volume down key. herewe are. now after that what you need to do

is click on install and go to your folderwhere you have copied it. mine is is downloads and there you see it, beta supersu. clickon it and then swipe it. i have already done that, so i am not going to do this. here itis. supersu. your phone gets rooted. thanks for watching.

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