root phone with pc

root phone with pc

hello guys welcome back to another video today i am going to show you one click method on how to root any android device with pc. so lets start open your browser & type kingoroot i have given the link in description also you can follow that link open the very first link its available for windows and android & its totally free. click on download for windows. click on start download.

an exe file will download. after downloading install this app. the installation is very simple. after installation a window will appear like this. now connect your phone with pc via usb cable. and please be sure in settings then developer options your usb debugging must be enable. when the device is connected it will show mobile model and kingoroot will display on your mobile screen, click on root. it will start rooting the device and the process will be complete once the app says 100% done.

here it may take 3 to 4 minutes. please note your phone warranty may lose after rooting your device. root has ability to remove system apps. so now your phone has been rooted. you can see here root succeed. now we can verify it by installing the app, open the play store and search for the app root checker install this app after installation open this

here it say the app will not install root. this app only verify proper root installation. okay! agree here we can verify root status click on verify root here it will ask for permission to check the root. click on allow here you will see, congratulations! root access is properly installed so by following these easy steps you can root any android device click on red subscribe button for more videos. comment down below if you have any question, share this informative video with your friends.

& i will see you in the next one