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pen tricks for beginners

pen tricks for beginners

hi! i'm greg from expert village, and i'mgoing to show you some easy to do magic tricks that you can perform at work. since we'rehaving so much fun making things disappear, let's make a coin disappear...and make itreappear inside the cap. if you take a pen, start waving it up and down. the moleculesstart to spin around and jump and it gets warm and it gets soft and it turns very, very,very soft. of course, that's useless so let's make it hard again. let's do something withshadow. i'm not even going to touch this pen. i'm going to let my shadow do the magic. theysay romanian money can't be damaged and you cannot tear. i wonder how well it would standup to being stabbed with a pen...like so. well there mr. romanian government, who hasthe last laugh now?numbers can be used to tell a lot about people.

just off the top of you head, give me a 3digit number. 823. okay. now, reverse that. 328. i want you to subtract the smaller numberfrom the larger number. so, 823 minus 328. that gives us 495. if we reverse that, that's594. then add those 2 numbers together. so 495 plus 594 equals 1,084. what does thattell me about you? well, it tells me that you're very predictable. take a pen and squeeze the opposite wrist,and then open that hand. the pen floats. have you seen this trick before? are you countingthe number of fingers? i only have 3 fingers on that wrist. i'll just take that hand away.i fooled ya. take a look at this bill. notice that there is a flamingo on the front. foldit 3 times. pay attention that there is nothing

else in my hands. and now the bill has changed. alright, don'tdo this in the office. do this in the lunch room. do this outside on your smoke break.shake up a cola or any carbonated beverage, and then take one that's not shaken. now,where are the bubbles? the bubbles are going up, right? so if i do this, the bubbles arefloating up into this top one. aren't they? now, they're all up here. so i can open upthis can and not be afraid to get splattered. the bubbles are in here, correct?

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