pe problems

pe problems

hi momi got your friends request i'll add you not now i'm in the library papa, i wanted to ask if i can go for a night out where are you going? with whom? who are these people? papa, school friends

do you smoke? obviously bro there will be boys? no papa i mean, it's a co-ed school but i have only girls as friends you know that right i don'ti don't talk to boys ever i don't even look at them hey, who's this?

it's vivan he's kinda cute swear when will you be back? 10 o'clockhuh! 11 11? 12 12?

next day in the morning what? no, i'm just kidding papa, relax hi dad you're the best dad everi love you mumma i can make my own decisionsi'm a grown up man now also mumma, i can't find my phone mom, i can take care of myself i can take care of myself,

mom!! i love you even more than i phone 6which is better than my current phone dad hello, hello yes! i caught pikachu dad kachu? hey, who's this guy? i don't knowyou liked him right? i know

dude, he's so creepy eww no shall i keep the condom? not that i'll ever use it papa, this is not mine papa mother promise i mean, i'm just 17i can't even make my own decisions papa this is my senior's you keep it

dude, look at rohanhe's going to open a start-up when he's 20, he'll be a millionairewhen he's 25... i can't waste time like this papa...ummm the wallet fell down i was just... umm..papai was just picking up the wallet why does richa has more followers than me? and why has rohan liked all her pictures?

she's such a bitch yaar oh my god you're not on snapchat you're not on snapchatsnapchat? see, you'll look very cute in this doggie filter wanna try? just once one time see na

please dad music videotomorrow's biology exam pa, pa, papa!! shit shit!! why don't parents knock and enter? dad i need an i phone dad i need a laptop i need a camera now, stop it!

shall i sell off my kidneys too? hey, that's a good idea