largest auto insurance companies 2015

largest auto insurance companies 2015

new jersey authorities bust an internationals carjacking ring. the suspects are accused of targeting drivers with expensive cars along route 17. cbs 2's christine sloan with the story tonight new at 6:00. reporter: the suspects roam

suburban towns mostly in bergen county, new jersey, allegedly stealing luxury cars and carjacking drivers. these high-end vehicles including bentleys and range rovers after they took down a ring illegally shipping stolen cars in containers to west

africa. they scout golf courses, restaurants, malls, and suburban driveways. reporter: 22 suspects charged, 18 in custody, four still at large. the attorney general says they worked in teams had different

roles, some leaders, others carjacked victims in front of their homes of like in a case in montclair. when a carjacker approached him, reached behind his back toward his waistband, as if to grab a gun, ordering the victim to surrender his keys.

the victim complied and ran for his life. reporter: the ring the second busted since an attorney was carjacked and murdered at the short hills mall about two years ago. be aware of your surroundings.

reporter: as cbs 2 first reported there's a demand for luxury cars in west africa where they sell for 3 times the value. but new technology push button starts key fob like this make hot wiring newer cars impossible so confrontation

are more violent because criminals needs the keys. i would probably give the keys. i don't want to get harmed because of that. some of these cars will go back to insurance companies that have paid off claims and

others will go back to owners who still haven't gotten their money. in totowa, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs2 news. the acting attorney general says a small number of these carjackings turned violent. no one was killed.