Senin, 06 Maret 2017

jellyfish vape

jellyfish vape

this video i started it in the house but igotta go, waiting at the bus stop, just got my vape mail, this is the lotus le80 i believeit's called. this thing is sweet! really fucking sweet. i mean here's the ipv. look, look theyeven have that beveled edge, so this is lotus' answer to the uh ipv which is a phenomenaldevice i love my ipv. and uh, regulated hundred and fifty watt box mod. dual 18650. dual 18650.the same exact height, this one's just about a half an inch narrower. it's tiny, it's cute.hum, and it's not exactly's sort of semi-regulated, i don't know how todescribe it. um, this is off, this is on, it's telling me my voltage. and this is uh,when i fire it gonna tell me how much volts it's's 4.6 something or's drawing off the batteries so it's sort

of like a regulated series. i gotta turn thatdown a little. that's hot, that's powerful. so you don't have a wattage control on have a voltage control. right here. cute. i like it. um. yeah, reminiscent of some ofthe unregulated box mods that do have uh, a voltage control. with just a little nothing sophisticated about this. hits hard. really hard. um. this is the derringerand it's, kind of a hot short fast build. i don't know's not the proper rdaand build to test this thing out and really open her up. i gotta get an rda on there withmaybe a some more resistance. i don't know. either my stuff is really low or really's...there's nothing in between. but so far ilike it. it's cute as hell. which isimportant. if you gotta rock a nice mod it should be cute. asthetically pleasing.alright. very very nice jellyfish. very nice. well i'm not gonna tell you what i paid forit, just suffice it to say i got it in a group buy. it was very reasonably priced. i'm surein retail stores it would be well over a hundred bucks. we'll see, i haven't...i had nevereven heard of it, until just recently and then like theres literally was like one reviewvideo. so, i might be the first to review it.

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