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how to last longer in bed for men

how to last longer in bed for men

hey! how's it going, guys? fernando here,and i'm shooting this quick video because if you're watching this, you may be wonderinghow to last longer in bed -- same question i had a while back. i was a former two-minute-- not even two minutes -- one-minute performer. sometimes it was less than that. i say now,i share your frustration. that's the worst thing a man can go through -- just beingable to last- sometimes even penetration itself was basically enough to ejaculate. it'sa horrible feeling. it certainly doesn't help the confidence of a man, but the goodthing about it is that there is a treatment. there's a cure. you won't be like thisforever. i went through this program, these guides, these exercises, psychological training.a lot comes here as well. there are certain

tricks you can apply in order to last up tothirty minutes, which is what i'm lasting right now. basically, it gives you the powerto pretty much ejaculate whenever you want to, so you have full control. so it can bemore than thirty minutes, but i think thirty minutes it a pretty long time. because a lotof programs just focus on just the exercises alone. that's not going to help out. thekegel exercises are good but it has to be a combination. there are certain tricks youcan apply. i applied them to help me last longer in bed. so check it out. it's called'ejaculation trainer'. i'll go ahead and put a link on the description down below,so you can just click on it and check it out to see if this is something you want to gothrough. it certainly helped me. i'm giving

you my honest opinion on the good things aboutlasting and satisfying your girlfriend or whomever. it's going to be a boost in yourconfidence. it is extremely satisfying and i'm glad i went through this. i wanted toshare that with you guys. i wish you the best of luck. this is coming from a former two-minuteperformer. i wish you the best of luck, guys. okay, thanks. bye.

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