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how to do cool smoke tricks

how to do cool smoke tricks

in this video you’ll see 5 different partypleasers done with dry ice. #5. take a flaming candle, and place it downinto a container like a bowl or a glass. carefully pour some crushed dry-ice, down around thebase of the candle. and within just a few seconds, you'll notice the flame goes out,and the gas turns completely invisible. now challenge one of your friends to try and re-lightthe candle inside the glass. they won't be able to do it and they'll have no idea why.even after multiple attempts, the flame goes out every time. #4. for this trick, find a block of dry-ice,and break it into pieces the size of small rocks. carefully place one or two of the piecesinside of a balloon, and tie it off. you'll

notice the balloon begins to inflate all byitself. now try doing this with a bunch of other balloons and throw them all into a basket.over the course of about 25 minutes, the balloons will keep growing, until you've got a basketoverflowing. #3. start this prank by opening up a ziplocbag and adding a few chunks of dry ice, followed by a little bit of warm water. now seal thebag so it's completely air-tight, and find a place to hide it. after a minute or two,the bag will be completely pressurized and ready to explode. who could you scare withthis? #2. for this party trick, take a large metalspoon and press it down into a block of dry-ice. it lets out an awful squeal, and people willbeg you to stop. you can make a quarter scream

the same way. just lay it flat on the ice,and press down into it. for a bonus trick try sticking the quarter in sideways, it’llstart shaking uncontrollably. #1. for this last trick, add some crusheddry ice into a large clear bowl. at this point, try blowing the biggest bubble you can, anddrop it right into the center. instead of popping on the bottom, it levitates aroundin mid-air, and will make your friends wonder, "what kind of sorcery is this?" well now you know a few tricks, and prankswith dry ice, that are super cool, and easy to do. if you liked this project, perhapsyou'll like some of my others. check them out at www.thekingofrandom.com

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