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how can i last longer in bed

how can i last longer in bed

hey guys -- fernando here, and if you'rewatching this video it's probably because you're looking for a way to rid of and curepremature ejaculation. i know how you feel. i know what you're looking for and i knowwhat you need. and the reason is because i'm a former -- how do you say? -- a fast ejaculator.well, basically, it was horrible. that's probably the worst thing you can go through-- the fact of being with someone and not even being able to last a minute. yes, oneminute -- believe it or not. and i'm sure some of you guys have experienced that, becausei have. minutes, sometimes thirty seconds. sometimes just the fact of penetration itselfis enough for you to ejaculate. basically, the good thing about is that there is a cure,that you're not going to do through this

forever and ever. there is a solution. i justwanted to share that with you guys because i share your frustration and it's horrible.it's absolutely horrible. so... the counter-effect is absolutely amazing:the fact of being able to ejaculate whenever you want to and pleasing a woman is probablyone of the best things for the confidence of a man that you can have. so basically,the way i went from lasting one minute to over thirty minutes (yeah, thirty minutes-- that's pretty cool, huh) is basically through the- it's called the 'ejaculationtrainer'. this guy put up this... this guy pretty much tells you all you need to do toget rid of premature ejaculation and how to cure it. it's basically a combination ofexercises and the approach is really good

because it's both exercises and psychological,because a lot of it comes through here. so you might be interested in it. i'm goingto put a link down below in the description. check it out. i'm sure it's going to helpyou guys. it certainly helped me. now i'm a happy thirty-minute performer. so good luck,guys. i hope you like it. thanks. bye.

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