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galaxy s5 root

galaxy s5 root

what's up here dr bc and in this episodei will show you the update for samsung galaxy s5 animations this is samsung galaxy s5, recently purchaseat 50 thousand 900 rupees from the mobile store india. for unboxing please click onthe link flashing on your screen. as you can see that a update is downloading, the sizeis about 20.26 mb. this is 1st day that is 11 april 2014 and time is 11 43 pm. definenatelythis is performance improvement update. yes this is performance improvement update. currentlymy phone is downloading some updates. ok skip that updates. to install update tap on install.your device will restated this install update, before that i will show you the current versiongo to setting, oh... the s5 is restarting

without confirmation. ok lets go on. as youcan see that s 5 is rebooted and software is updating, insatllling system updates. thisis long way run, i will fast forward all of this for you. now 100 percent done and s5is reboting, nice animated samsung logo. it will taking time to reboot, ok android isupdating and optimising application, there are 122 apllication installed on this s5. thiswill take time, lets fast forward again. now s5 is booted up, now i will show you thefirmware on the device, just go to setting and then to general tab, ok here is notificationthat the device has been updated. tap ok to close this. now go in about device. here youcan see that the model is sm-g900h, android version 4.4.2, baseband is xxu1anci, kernelis

it seems not visible, lets turn auto brightnessoff, and you can see that build is kot49h. g900hxxu1anci. see the apps are this is stability improvement update for galaxy s5. this is first day and while unboxing,i had encounter with this update for s5. definitely this is bug reliefing update, which is coveredunder this update. this completed this part of video, if youlike this video don't forget to subscribe to my channel; the subscription link is shownon your screen. for more videos on s5 like performance, gaming, tear down and morekeep watching bcd tech. thanks you and have a nice day. bye.

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