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compare cheap car insurance

compare cheap car insurance

you are thinking about buying car insuranceand you don't want to spend a lot of money. so what do you do. i'm james with the resurgencegroup, we are a full service insurance agency and we are also an independent agency so wehave many carriers. the best way to get the least amount of car insurance is to shop itwith multiple carriers. there are many companies out there that you'll pay a premium for butthere are a lot of companies out there that will just give you the basic coverages andsave you a lot of money. if you are looking to get simple coverage you would get what'scalled pip and pd, personal injury protection and property damage. those are the minimalrequirements required and that's also going to be the least expensive car insurance outon the market. not necessarily the smartest

thing to do, because if you are in a car accidentand you have property damage to the vehicle or bodily injury you won't be covered. soagain you have to kind of figure out how much money are you willing to spend to have thedifferent types of limits for that policy. we recommend that you have your basic pipand pd but also bodily injury and if you have a vehicle that might have a lien on it, youare probably going to be required to have comp and collision or if you've got a carthat's of significant value you know if you just pay that two hundred and fifty dollarsor even up to a thousand or five thousand dollars in deductible after that the car repairsare paid for by the insurance company. so again just think about how much money youare willing to spend and you could get with

an agent and they could literally just sitwith you and come up with the different values of the different limits and create a customizedpolicy for you right there in their office or you could just give a call to one of thecarriers direct and i'm sure that they would be able to help you. my name is james i'man insurance agent and we recommend that you speak with an agent or some one in customerservice and you design a policy specific to your financial needs.

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