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best value car insurance 2015

best value car insurance 2015

i'm looking at getting a new phone. shouldi buy cell phone insurance? consumer reports recommends against buyingcell phone insurance. a lot of people get cell phone insurance toreplace their phones if they accidentally drop it in water, if it is broken or stolen. dropped in water? more often dropped intothe toilet. can i wait to get the insurance until i finda better deal? a lot of insurers say you can only insurethe phone within the first 30 days of owning it. probably so that people don't get it insuredafter they've dropped it and then file a claim to replace it.

you can choose to get coverage for the phoneif it breaks down after the phone's original warranty expired. that has some value. a two year plan to protect a cell phone isoften $100 to $150. for four years of coverage, you'd spend as much as it might take to replacethe phone, even if you never did. they can replace my phone if it is lost orstolen. cell phone insurance companies can replaceyour old phone with another old phone, though that's not what you'd like. you may have bought your cell phone at a discountrate; the replacement phone could be several hundred more. insurance avoids that expense.

there are other ways to protect your phone. such as? get a cell phone case that protects it, notjust one that is pretty. pick one for impact resistance, not because it matches your purse. or keep the cell phone in your purse so itisn't dropped. install an app like find my iphone or othersthat are free that help you find the phone when it has been stolen. what is the solution for protecting againsttheft? don't rush out to be the first person to buyone. don't leave it on the bar or in your

car, and keep it in your pocket instead ofleaving it on the restaurant table. what do you do to avoid water damage? don't text while on the toilet. or get jeanswith a front pocket to hold the phone, instead of putting a cell phone in a butt pocket whereit could fall out. i'd rather buy new jeans than cell phone insuranceif it's that bad. you'd certainly use the jeans.

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